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>Well, 0333 hours… 🙂

666/2=333 :p

Perhaps one of those nights when neither your mind nor your heart seem to appreciate one important need of your body, the  need to sleep. I am wide awake even after knowing that I should be asleep hours ago, but that’s not what this post would focus on. It would not perhaps even focus on anything in specific, not the fact that I am perhaps lost in between my career, my dreams, my family and myself; neither would it be about the work that I have been assigned to at my current job and the responsibility that has been bestowed upon me hence. This post is about someone who perhaps took a wrong turn(or as others believe) somewhere down the line and is a completely different person than what he would have been had he not done certain things in his life.

I know this seems like a lot of nostalgia at first sight, but trust me, there is none. None from my side. Neither is there any sympathy. The only feeling I have for the person in discussion is of amusement. The 16 year  old dreamy eyed boy never thought back then that 10 years down the lane he would proud calling himself someone who is shrewd, cunning, barely honest and arrogant enough to accept it all. I used to know him, long time ago. Perhaps I still do, but there are a lot of things now, things that matter more to me than that 16 year old boy. There is money, career, MBA. There are things that he never would have ever been able to even dreamt of. There are girls, drinks, people who he would have never been able to understand. There is smoke, a lot of it. Then there is an insatiable hunger for something that I do not understand myself. There is this rat race and he is simply sitting in the crowd, seeing me run through it, kicking others and becoming happy at the thought of having eliminated the competition.

I need him I think. I need some sanity. I need innocence, atleast this one last thing.
Hope I do not become my own monster.

>Not yet


Which way to go, what road to walk,He asks the winds
hoping for an answer, which no one has it seems,
If he goes left, will he get what he wants?
Or may be the right,to drive away the fear that haunts,
He doesn’t know, Not yet, May be tomorrow, But not yet,
Should he go for the woods, and search the unknown,
or head for the crowd, and be secured about his future,
some say go your own way, but no one tells how to,
some say to do what’s the best for him, as if he knew it all the time,
He doesn’t know, Not yet, May be tomorrow, But not yet,

The paths call for him, luring him with promises, and surprises,
He often gets tempted, for he’s just a boy, who has many a dreams,
This confusion is tearing him apart, and pulling him in all directions,
He wants to take a decision, but halts at the crossroads,wondering if his compass is right,
He doesn’t know, Not yet, May be tomorrow, But not yet.



Well…. this is for someone whom I love very much, and who perhaps doesn’t understand the true nature of my love. Dint know how to express myself and how to convince her. So wrote this. Hope this will help….

For you my love. 🙂

Its like a dream, to look into those beautiful eyes,
To look into the face that defies everything, the face sans this world’s cruel lies,
She says something, I try hard to concentrate,
But fail to grasp a word,lost in those lovely eyes,Which clean away all the hate,

I look at her walking,she’s lost in her thoughts,
I wish I could be with her, atleast that’s what my heart shouts,
Wondering what would she say,If I say something stupid,
So I try to make things simple,try to be calm,and to make things lucid,

She laughs at something,and I can really hear the chimes,
And maybe she’d find this poem boring,for the stupid way it rhymes,
Something crosses her mind, and she smiles the sweetest smile,
And all my efforts to unaffected,to be neutral are again futile.

And when she looks at me with those lovely eyes,
I get sort of transfixed,like my legs are frozen in the ice,
And I wish I could tell her the way I feel for her,
The girl of my dreams,The Fairy who can fly without a flutter.



And sometimes when he is alone, he sits and thinks of times gone,
When walking in the rain was fun, while his heart thought bout someone,
Of times when he dint pretend, and all the while they were happy,

All those people used to say, “There can’t be such a beautiful day”,
And while the children played the games of hide and seek,
They strolled on the pavement, closer than tongue-and-cheek,

Some memories bring smile to him, some old ones bring a frown,
He wishes he could go back in time, wishes he could change things back then,
Wonders what would life be like had he never done that, and this, and so many things,

He thinks he is waiting for someone, may be a call from that someone he loves,
And smiles at the thought, so naive he still in the matters of heart,Has to learn a lot,
He still is standing in the rain, wondering what he should do, Get under the shade or walk away in the rain.

>The same ol’ dream…

>CAT, I am coming.


PS:- Thanks a lot for making me realise what I am. Thanks a lot dearest.

>Day 1

>And the day one passed quite peacefully to what I expected.Wonder how long will I be able to hold my anchor.

19 more to go…. 😦

>Here I am, This is ME! \m/


“THE” Machine

The Man and the Machine

Need I say more??? 😀

>One selfish wish

>May MI wins today!! 😀

And may they win the cup too :sigh:

Just this one wish…

PS:- Getting my Avenger in the evening :p

>Virginity lost !!! :p

>And yes… I lost my virginity… Visited a pub finally 😛

PS:- lost my virginity not as you are thinking :p its just a metaphor…jus in case u assume OTHER THINGS :p

Well… It has been ages since I wrote something meaningful.. 🙂 I know waise bhi I seldom do.

There have been changes on many fronts. Personal, professional and vellapanti also :p . Yep…its also a part of my life…vellapanti.. :p

Personal life has been in tumultuous for sure for last four months… with me losing the way on more than just a few occasions…but thanks to my guiding light…( searches for his torch). after every thunderstorm or foggy nights I have always landed on an island full of coconuts(I really like their usability) and crabs (wish I eat some of them finally this year), not to forget the beautiful mermaids :P.

After a long long time I have felt like this regarding my LIFE…and it includes everything I need/want/have . Except for a few spam mails…life is going quite smooth… :p And believe me…sometimes there are spam calls and messages too!!

Recently discovered that someone I trusted and loved from my core has been doing things behind my back and has been telling things to people… lol… was sure shocked and hurt… but dint took much long to recover from that… :p I think the person in question got the apt punishment/reminder of the fact that I do have a spine …finally…I DO HAVE A SPINE!

There has been someone occupying my thoughts all the time for quite sometime and I think it wont be an exaggeration to say that I am in love…. well…depends on how you look at it when you consider that I have been in love 4 more times :rolls-his-eyes: . Okay…you can play your part of character and moral judges but I know the truth…so I need not give any explanation to anyone…Perhaps that was a very strong statement… I should keep away from making such strong statements… But kya karein…inna arrogance bhar ke rakha hua hai..kahan chupau!!! :p
Well… feels nice writing your mind out after such a long long time…Wanted to write a poem for someone in first place but then couldn’t get my thoughts together… And for the perfectionist/border-ist/all or nothing-ist I am, I decided to let the time and emotions take its own course rather than forcing anything artificial on them….

\m/ Dil kyun ye mera shor kare…-2
idhar nahi, udhar nahi…
teri or chale…. :inlove:

Damn!!!I feel like dancing… I did yesterday!! :p

>Yes… its true… i cant sleep now 😐 not a bit…eyes are paining and straining..but m either reading novels or watching movies…worse…playing video games…why cant i just go and sleep….its been almost 5 days 😦


>:'( nothing more…

Dun ask me what this stands for… it stands for nothing… atleast to someone its nothing.

>SAd? hApPy? ???

>Listening to the song…”O ri duniya” from Gulaal… and believe me, it can make anyone wonder about lots of things with eyes wide open 😐

>I love eeeeuuu :P

Well…ummm… okkk.. 😛

And I love the way she looks at me, mesmerizing me with her smile,
I feel like staring at an angel, like in deserts flows the Nile,
I gaze at her face, with her hair flying on her face,Like clouds cover the moon,
A thousand storms rise my heart, and dance to her every tune.

PS:- Listening to the song “Rythm Divine” thinking about someone can really get you turn very romantic :sigh:



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