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>Its time.

Goodbye Mumbai. Love ya. 😦

Will miss ya a lot.


>Well…. sometime back in september 3rd week one of my roommates wanted to know how to go to shirdi and some other religious places around it…. We never thought what the discussion would culminate into back then. The discussions got drifted to alternative spots to visit and suddenly someone said “Is se achha to Goa chalte hain” Well…. I dunno what time it was…else I would have wished for more than Goa… coz when i look back now, 3 weeks later, the one liner has been converted into 8 friends, 4 bikes, 3 days of holidaying, 2 awesome rented rooms and one word that keeps bouncing all the way in my head… GOA!!!! Yes I did it finally !! After almost 1 decade of falling in love with Goa (after watching Dil Chahta Hai) … and innumerable planning for last 9 years… I have finally been there… And yes…the wait was worth it!!!! I enjoyed perfectly..perhaps 9 years before I could not have enjoyed this much…1000s of pics taken… some open for all while few are censored and will be buried in either my lappy or picasa forever 😀 . Will be updating this place with all the details… The trip has simply brought me back from the dead…. That’s what GOA does to you….

some pics as of now 😉


>It has been 9 years since I have been away from home, and am able to visit it only in vacations, small-extended holidays….etc… Never before I have had this feeling of attachment towards my home. I am not a homesick type of person. I am the one who accepts whatever comes his way. But today I do not want to return to Mumbai, though I love that city a lot. It has taught me a lot and given me a lot. Even then I want to stay here with my family now.

Is this what they call growing up?

Am I matured now?

I do not know.
: | ….

>Vacations Over

>…. : This is how I am feeling today…. Have you ever wondered why good times pass by so quickly while the bad ones seem to be here for ages? Same is the case with me. 2 weeks have passed so quickly. And now its time to be back to mumbai. I should be happy. I love that city. i am not “that” happy. I was just begining to enjoy my stay at home.

😦 I will sure miss my home this time. A rare occasion for me.

Anyways. See you all in Mumbai now….. If that’s the way it has has to be, so be it!

BTW…. I have hundreds of pics, thousands of jokes and uinnumerable experiences to share this time. Had quite a “moving” (literally) vacation this time. Travelled a lot and spent 5 consecutive nights at 5 different places, each atleast 300 Kms away from other….lol….

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