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>Well…. Someone once said that the world is a stage and we all are here to play our parts….. seems mine is going unnoticed…. I dunno wats wrong with this blog…but I simply get almost 0 people reading it and exactly 0 commenting. Well, I guess its just me here.

No issues. I will continue. And may be I won’t get anyone to read what I write, I will still write. I still do remember my motive of starting this blog, “To get things out of my system”.

I have to write my story. Fast.

>Well… I was lost…

Have said many bad things and and have thought too ugly of everyone when I realized that it was me who was making the situations worse by doing this to myself. So I have stopped now. And it feels calm. Peace atleast with myself. I do not need peace with others. I have stopped fighting with myself.

I am happy now. 🙂

I am going home, finally on 9th.


>Well, Why not…. I was pondering this question….why not….after all they have done so much TO me….not FOR me… So I do have some responsibility towards them….If not moral, then atleast immoral responsibility…. Why not teach them a lesson for the rest of their lives? So, that they would never have the courage to hurt and cheat someone in coming many many years of their lives? Why not? They say its bad to take revenge? Well, then should I be sitting here and just letting them get away with what they have done?

I need to think…. a lot…

>Well, i know we have never been friends. We have never been anything but everything. I miss you girl. I know you can’t be here. You are thousands of miles away and perhaps we will never meet. Still I miss you. I want to talk to you for hours. I want to tell you about what I have learnt in all these years. I know perhaps you don’t care, still, I don’t either.

I just want to hug you one more time and look into those eyes forever. I want to see you. Only if you were here in India. I’d have come to see you by today’s train. If Only …

>Do you know MAY DAY or Labour’s Day as we all call it, is actually a PAGAN holiday and has not been started by any of the communist parties/leaders???

Get enlightened. I was.


Will it be proper if I keep someone in the illusion that I love her while all I think all the time is some other girl?

I know mine hasn’t been the best of characters and neither do I want to be one, but I do not want to cheat someone on pretense of loving her.

Its over dear. I do not love you because I love someone else. She can’t be with me and I am not able to love anyone else. That doesn’t stop me from loving her.

I can not force myself into loving you.


PS:- heeee haaa huuu hooooo.. for more jokes, call me on my new number… lol

>2:18 am in the morning.

I am thinking. Why life springs up surprises when you least expect them??

But then, they would not be surprises if you expected them in first place…..right??

I am surprised. :p

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