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Well…a poem finally…a dark one this time…dunno how much justice i have done with my dark instincts…You’re the judge

There he spotted her, the prey of the evening,
laughing among her friends, her aura lightening the dark night,
He watches her moves, the ways she speaks,
he plans for the act, the one which always rules,

He moves towards her, with an innocent smile on his face,
beneath which lies a cruel intention, of which no one can find a trace,
He takes silent steps, the prey completely ignorant of it,
his eyes mocking the atmosphere, like a snake’s slit,

She’s talking to him, amazed by his charm,never suspecting the reality,
He stands by her side, holding a beer, cruel face hidden by frailty,
“What is this man,where he came from”, she wonders in her mind,
His charm and wits, working their way, making her logics blind,

He prepares to leave,she follows him out, fallen for him all the way,
never thinking it might be a trap,that she might be just a prey,
The streets are dark,the lights are out,they are all alone in the night,
As he moves towards her,preparing for the kill, ready to strike with all might.


“I want to buy something for you”,she said. “Why? I don’t need anything”, he said smiling, knowing that its useless to try to convince her once she has made up her mind. She was always this fragile, cute, lovely but at times a very very strong willed girl. He thought,”Perhaps I love the way she defies me….”

They were in love.

“Look at this!!! It’s so sweet. Your sister will like this…I know..she will”, her voice grabbed his attention. But he wasn’t listening anything. He was just listening her voice, not what she said. He looked at her face, so innocent, so fresh and as always, full of love. “Hello!! Where are you mister??? “, and he came back from his hypnotized state. “hmmm?? Did you say something??”,he asked. He could hear only a giggle back and felt a pat on his head… “pagal ho bilkul tum”

“No way…. you aren’t buying me this!! I do not like it…its..its so.. GIRLISH…!!! no way…”. Her face lost all color at his remarks… How she wanted him to have this as a symbol of their relationship!! And this idiot is thinking about his position and all!!Huh!!

“Okay, so tell me finally. Are you letting me gift you this or not?”, she said. “Why, do you think I will allow you do that to me?”, he hit back. “Obviously, I’ll do whatever I want to do with you!”, she said with a mischief in her eyes. He was standing there, shocked. Never before she has been so open with him in person. It took him a moment to regain his composure. “Huh…And what if I do not let you ?”. They were enjoying this for sure, no matter if for the first time.

“It’s very simple,I’ll hit you! I’ll slap you!”, ending the sentence, she slapped him gently on his left cheek. “This is getting too much, I must have a control on myself”, he thought. “Oh! You slapped me you dirty….”, he stopped in the middle of his sentence. She was looking at him as if she was expecting him to open up and wanted him to say what he was saying. He didn’t say a word.

“So you slapped me. I’ll take my revenge and slap you too.”, saying this he moved towards her. No one was in their lane, and it was almost empty, for it was almost 9 pm on a cold evening of December. He stopped at a finger’s distance, realizing he wasn’t going to hit her. She closed her eyes as he lifted his hand. He was looking at her face. Everything else became meaningless in that one moment. He could die happily and have no wishes left in his heart that moment. He looked at her lips. He wanted to kiss them. Perhaps she also wanted him to kiss them. He rested his hand on her cheek and caressed it. He touched his lips with his fingers and suddenly moved away.

She was still standing there with her eyes closed. He went on to sit on a chair and said,” I think its getting late. You should go to your PG now. I also have a bus to catch.” She opened her eyes. He thought he saw some moistness there, but looked away from her. She said,”I’ll drop you to the bus stand else you will get lost”

They didn’t speak another word for next one hour in the taxi.

“Bus stand aa gaya?”

he didn’t reply to her bye. He just kept looking towards her. Then it happened. She took the clip out of her hair and let them free. He kept looking at her. He wished he had kissed her back in the shop. She just smiled at him, as if to say “It’s ok Navi, I understand”

He turned back and walked towards his bus,into the darkness.


>Well…. I should be proud at this incidednt. I am not. Someone has stolen my poem “Make her smyle” and published it in a book!!!! Well…. I never knew I could write something like that… I do not write for commercial purposes,I do it to get things out of my system…just that…. and this person… some ambika rathi has stolen my poem and posted it here…

I have posted my comments there with ample proof of writing the poem originally…. I request you people to support me on that site as well. I won’t stop at anything less than an apology in written and removal of my work from the site and all other possible locations.

Please support me.

>Well, Why not…. I was pondering this question….why not….after all they have done so much TO me….not FOR me… So I do have some responsibility towards them….If not moral, then atleast immoral responsibility…. Why not teach them a lesson for the rest of their lives? So, that they would never have the courage to hurt and cheat someone in coming many many years of their lives? Why not? They say its bad to take revenge? Well, then should I be sitting here and just letting them get away with what they have done?

I need to think…. a lot…

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