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I was working about half an hour ago. Learning web designing. Just then I felt like urge of listening to a song by mohit chauhan. Actually my room mates were boozing a few hours ago and they were all searching for this one song and could not find it. I thought of playing it now that all are asleep and no one is here to disturb me. I played the song… “Tumse hi…” I suddenly became motionless. I do not know what effect this song had me at that moment, but I sure did feel like an urge of dancing with her.

It rarely happens to me. I am not someone who would let himself fall apart like this. But in that one moment, I knew I missed her. I knew I felt the urge to hug her, to tell her that I love her, to kiss her. I wanted to see her. A tear might have trickled down. I do not know. I do not want to know. I loved that one moment after a long long time.

I do not want to feel like that ever again. It hurts a lot. 😦

I didn’t smoke or drink today while my friends were at it.

>Well… Since I had nothing better to do so I got down to write this…well…I should have something to write…hmmm.. i love this song m listening right now… By my all time fav…Bryan Adams… “I wanna be your underwear”…. I put it as my callertune also for a short while before my friends(mostly females) started to complain and one day my papa asked me to change it… lol…That wasn’t embarrassing…. but still I felt like once in a while I should be allowed to do things I want to…. I mean… Come on…its a song…and a very good one if you listen to it…just don’t go by that catchy line…please…. Music is never sin…It’s always beautiful…whoaaaa…. And here I am back to my preaching self….huh…. Guess I need to take a break…. Will go have a haircut…after 3 months almost…lol….will go for a cropped look this time…though its useless to put my hair in any style….it looks always messy….no matter what I do to keep it in place…. :p

Why not go baldy??? 😀

>- Learn how to hack
– Get my book published
– Buy a lappy
– Get a stable hairstyle….from this no hairstyle style
– Learn to cook chicken
– Buy my own flat and cook the above chicken there….all by myself..
– learn to talk to ghosts and animals
– Get to fly ..
– write a lot better
– be a bit more truthful to others…nd to myself..
– learn to forgive
– never learn to forget
– sing summer of 69 on a stage, again.(will do better dis tym)
– learn to swim..
– be crazy one more tym in my life

I know its a long list….but again…i do have that much time…. atleast the last one can be achieved in a few moments…. watevr the hell

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