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6 baje duty pe jana hai aur janaab abhi 4:30 mein finding neverland dekh rahe hain…dekho dekho…subah mein neend aaye to halla mat machaana!! 😐

PS:- I hope its worth it! :p

>Watched Shawshank redemption after a gap of 7 months. A movie which always stirs up my soul and helps me conquer my demons. It is a real inspiration. 😀

I am.

>Well…. A funny incident in a long long time.
:p For a change, I welcomed it with open arms even though it caused me some inconvenience.

It was quite a boring sunday with everyone out of the house and me waking early. Did I say everyone?Well Vikash was there for sure. Asleep for ages. Lol. Poor guy has nothing better to do than to catch up with some sleep on these weekends. I wish he’d have put the time in something more productive. lol.

Anyways, I was watching a movie and waiting for the cats nd mouses racing inside my stomach to raise an alarm so that I would be forced to either go out and eat or cook something at home itself(You see, I am lazy myself… ). The movie ended with me in a deep desire(don’t think otherwise…plzzzzz) to have a shower. It was almost 12 nd though I bathed in the morning, it felt hot like sahara desert.(Ok I know I’ve never been there, but I can guess how hot it must be…right???) Suddenly I saw my cell phone, almost abandoned these days and strictly being used for just making calls home or receiving them from the same. Since I haven’t given the new number to many people its silent like never before. Though I miss the ringtone, I think I am at peace with myself in a long long time, though might be in pieces….. Whoa… In pieces, In Peace ….Nice title to start a book with…what say? Okay okay… I aint no Paulo Coelho… I know that. Still would like to write something with that title. I bet I have enough of ammo. to go with on such issues. :p

Ahhhh…I was talking bout something else….Mobile…yess…. Two missed calls…. Silent mode for the mobile is such a blessing in disguise… :p You dont wake your friends with the loud and bang bang ringtone…. And spare yourself another session on how to respect other solace and peace and SLEEP !!! 😡

Two missed calls….Twas a friend whom I have never met nor spoken to. Well, we have known each other for some 1 year and never spoken or met…. lol… Strange na… No issues… I called back and was welcomed with a very sweet voice, which turned out to be my friend… 🙂 She invited me to this poolside party in Juhu, it was some get together of a group of bloggers. I was in the middle of those mind boggling conflicts. I had this movie, Angel and Demons in the evening with my friends. I told her the situation and she said, “I am inviting you to a poolside party and you are worrying about a movie??? ” … “Well she’z right…I should better be going.. It would be a hell of mood change for me….”, I thought. So I called her back after inviting one of my friends over to the party. 5:30…I heard the time… “Well…there is enough time…” ..

I got down to some other business and at about 2:30 pm.. I smsed her to ask again the timing…”5:30, right? “… I got a call in 5 mins…. Then I come to know that the party was already going on and the timing was 12:30 to 5:30.. :p ROFLMAO….that was my first reaction…. I weighed all the options… I could still go alone but that would have been unfair to my friend who has dumped some of his important work for my sake and was still to reach home…. I told my friend that it wont be possible for me to come in that condition…. I was really disappointed…I was looking forward to meet new people….and most importantly…this friend whom I’ve never met…. But I was really laughing…. I called my other friend to tell that he better be getting on with his previous work…Sadly…He had already left…. I cursed myself… And said sorry…Put down the phone…. And told other friends that there is no more party…only to hear a huge roar of happiness from them… I cursed them too…and loudly…Afterall, what are friends for…..Then I got out for a haircut thinking of where I went actually wrong…. Then I got it… I should have confirmed the timing during the 1st conversation… I cursed myself again…lol… Suddenly thought of writing this experience…. Haven’t been online much off late. All kudos to my friend’s lappy which has gone mad… So here I am…writing another post…well…atleast I learnt an important lesson…. “Timing is very important…lol” whatever….

P.S. :- I got my movie ticket cancelled…. I aint not going to watch the movie… Everyone else is… 😦

>Again unable to sleep. Anyways, not that it matters to me, but yes, it does bother.

There has to be something wrong with me. I should better know what it is.

Anyways, have been watching a lot of movies these days apart from the dirty competition on PG that’s going on. Ahhh… let’s not talk about it atleast here.
Movies, yes!!! Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle, Down to you, Matilda, Rookie and many more. One word, AWESOME… Being alone with 5 other people is an art I have mastered in these two years in Mumbai. Not that I complain. I do not enjoy their company a lot. Only reason I am here is the cheap rent and a very well maintained society and environment. I do not know how long will I keep myself with these people. No one talks to me these days. They are too busy with themselves. They enjoy together, but yes, without me. They laugh together, but be morose when I am there. I know they do not like me, very few do for that reason!!!

I do not complain. But yes, I do wish to stop suffocating. As a result, I have indulged myself in things. Reading, studying, writing, learning a new language(am working on it) and getting myself to know myself. Quite a list na? I also thought the same. But with all day at your hand, this is the least you can do.

The Mrs. Parker movie was one that touched me most. A perfect example of an innocent person gone crazy, then wrong, then insane and finally back to her senses. I loved the way things turned around in the movie. May be I portrayed myself as the central character. Nothing to be ashamed of!!! We all do fantasize, don’t we?

Well, I have been thinking about the girls I have been with and have concluded that I am a flirt. I am good to be with, bad to live with. I do not know if my girl friend will understand this, but again, I think we might as well find a way around it. After all, who thought two days ago that the insanity refueled inside me will be dormant again. It is sleeping now, atleast for the this moment. And yes, it will take something very extraordinary to rekindle it. I do not see anything extraordinary happening in my life any soon. So, no worries for the time being friends.

I do have these thoughts and when at a later stage, I put my mind at peace and think of them, I wonder what on earth was I thinking about!!! It is not something that I control, it is like I become possessed. Possessed by a desire of giving up everything, destroying everything I have, just for the sake of a glimpse of her. Good that I do not have any picture of her or I would be wanting more!!! Its best to keep fire and petrol separate, huh? It has a mind of its own, it decides things I should be doing and how I should be doing them. It is a wise devil, just the way I am. May be it is my sub conscious mind(or whatever they call it) which compels me to do such things. Anyways, the demon is sleeping now, and for a very long long time.

That is my fear. It is just sleeping. It is still inside me, down in that dark box.

>Well, its almost half past 5 in the morning. Alarm rang and i turned it off. I was supposed to be dead asleep. I am not. I do not understand why my mind, heart and body refuse to co operate with each other. This is bad. I watched three movies this night. First one with Anuj….it was BUCKET LIST(something similar on the lines of DASVIDANIYA)…then i watched almost half of a movie(dunno the name though) with SLY in it. Good action. Accidentally I happened to bump into “When Harry met Sally”, one of my most favourite ones. Its Hindi version came to my mind and came with it many memories of the past. It happened to be one OUR favourite movies. We have enacted many scenes from the movie together, even on phone!!!

One of my friends asked me once how it feels to know that she’s with some other man now. I replied, “It doesn’t matter”. In one way I was right, it doesn’t matter now. On the other hand, the mere realisation of her being with someone else makes my heart go fast, and then dead cold. Coldness has been my only companion through this tough patch. It has helped me in overcoming many difficulties.

On the other hand, it has had a not so well wishing effect on my mood and behaviour. Things which would have made anyone crazy with joy or fear do not seem to budge me. I do not fear a moving vehicle on the road. I simply cross it at my own pace. I do not get overjoyed at seeing Sachin hit a six, or learning of Aussies going down in cricket. I mean okay!!They do please me but that’s where it all ends. These things are perhaps no more capable of making me ECSTATIC!!! Or perhaps, I am no more willing to be ECSTATIC. Could it be possible that a part of me that used to be happy and rocking has left me?

Is it possible?

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