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I am standing at the bus stop,
My necktie is going all flip flop,
The hair you combed is messed again,
And all the kisses seem to be in vain,

I wonder if you packed my lunch box,
And my toes want to get out of these socks,
The water bottle feels too heavy now,
I want to be alright, but don’t know how,

I look on the street, the children are playing,
They are also grown ups, why no school for them,
I wonder if you just wanted to send me away,
This single thought makes my head go down in shame,

I see the school bus coming to my stop,
I see the open windows,from which many heads pop,
I think of you and my heartbeat goes fast,
Wonder if even one day I am gonna last,

Then I hear your voice, telling me to be good kid,
Telling me to be brave and things which I will need,
I smile at your touch and kiss you on cheeks,
In your arms I find the love I seek.

I know this is something I have not written in a long long time. Was just missing my Ma and phone nahi lag raha thaa….so Thought of writing something for her. 🙂 Love you Ma.

>Well…I am lying here in my room and thousands(may be lakhs) of people(and some of them are foreigners) are taking a dip in Kurukshetra and some other religious places. I am not against religion, I do have faith in god. What baffles me is the fact that the very same religion considers an eclipse as a bad omen and the same religion says that taking a dip in a holy river like Ganga will help one wash away her/his sins. I think someone should enlighten me over this. I am really at loss as to what to believe.

Anyways, as far I am concerned, it was my bad luck (yes, again) to be not able to watch this ecclipse due to incessant rains in Mumbai for last two thousand years(ok…not that long..)

According to reports, this solar eclipse is the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting at most 6 minutes, 39 seconds. Too less time for god to wash away sins of so many people….

I might go to have a shower.

Posting some of the pictures of this eclipse I could find online. Enjoy(And please do not go for a shower just because you have seen a picture of a solar eclipse!!!)

My Ma will kill me away if she sees this post. 😉

Total solar eclipse is seen in southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, at 9:16 a.m local time

The moon passes between the sun and the earth amid monsoon clouds during the solar eclipse in New Delhi.

Partial solar eclipse as seen in Yanguan town, Haining City, China

The minaret of a mosque is silhouetted against the solar eclipse in Yinchuan, capital of northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, at 8:43 a.m, local time

Solar eclipse as seen in Yinchuan, capital of northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, at 8:33 a.m, local time.
I am finally going under shower. Ma called :
No more BLASPHEMY (in her words.. )
Photo Credits: AP, Reuters



The boy sits in a corner,out in the cold,

trying to fight the cold wid his rags,trying to be bold,

NO!He’s no character of some drama or play,

He’s an orphan,abandoned,struggling night and day,

He begs on the street,in his old torn jacket,

little he remembers of mom,he only has her locket,

She worked at a factory,chemicals they say,

She always coughed hard,and one day they took her away,

His neighbours left him out,coz the factory took the home,

They actually never liked her,coz she was a single mom,

He no more goes to school,he no more gets to play,

For snowflakes leave u cold,when the heater is away,

He got neighbours’ clothes,old and torn,

For now its festival tym,these things have to be thrown,

His friends don’t talk to him now,

Coz he can’t see them anymore,

He sleeps mostly on the footpath,lucky wen he gets a bench,

and dreams of new nd warm clothes,nd something nice to munch,

He dreams of the chicken soup,they enjoyed last winter,

And of the nice stories,his momtook away wid her,

I don’t wish to wake him up from his warm dream,

for its so cold out here,and he wud never be cold in his dream,

So I let him sleep and dream of the nice dinner he had last tym,

and he sleeps quitely,as if mom is singing a hymn…

>My Ma

>Happy Mother’s Day Ma, though its a bit late…. Couldn’t post yesterday. I love you. 🙂

>Well, yesterday I tried making something different from what I remember of the sandwiches Ma used to make for me when I was a child. I did not exactly remember the recipe, so got some extra things in it and the result was yummy… :p I was happy both at lunch time and evening snacks time on same day after a long long time. I am planning to experiment more. 😉

Thanks Ma. 🙂


>Long time. Nothing about story. I am sure the few odd visitors of this blog must have thought, “Another flash in the Pan!!! lol “.

Sorry, I have quit being a quitter.

Story time.

29th June 2001,Morning

I reached Ranchi and two days Papa was with me, I was living in the constant fear of parting with him. School will open only on 16th july, due to excessive heat that year(2001). I was disappointed to have come so early. I was missing ghar already a lot. I missed the nakhare I used to do at home. I knew by the feel of somethings, that gone were the days of the special treatment.

I missed my Ma. Most. She has been the only lady who has talked to me in the most gentle manner even when I shouted at her. No one, and READ IT LOUD, NO ONE HAS EVER TOLERATED ME AS MUCH AS THIS GREAT LADY. I am sorry Ma….sometimes I am not myself, or you can say, more of myself. 😀 I love you. You know na…??

Anyways… I missed my yester-life and was dying after knowing that Papa will be leaving on 30th…. 😦 Just one day?? We went shopping for me. School Dresses, Two jeans(some of my earliest ones) and a pair of Tees. I remember asking my cousin chiku about what to buy. I was a complete naive back then. I wish I could be as innocent as I was that day once more. Just for a day.

Then we went for bicycle. Hero DevilDX. My first MINE moving object. I was soooooo happy…silver metallic…solid one.. Just as i wanted. Chiku was jealous(I wasn’t so naive, You see!!)

30th June 2001

Papa left finally. I didn’t cry. I was silent. It seemed in that one moment when Papa disappeared into his compartment after train started, I grew up a bit. I was silent. I had so much to share but couldn’t. I had no one to share how i felt.

At that time, I never had an inkling that I will never have anyone to share how I felt.

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