>I am quite regular on Pagalguy except when I was devoid of a system to surf with. I have made some very good friends over there and one fine day, one of them told me about a blog Phadoogyan. I visited the blog and was quite impressed by the quality of posts there. Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind and I decided to get in touch with the owner of the blog. Actually I wanted to write for the blog.
Yes… you got me right. I wanted to write for someone else’ blog. I have this belief in me that more you write the more you learn and vice versa. I had no clue about what I would write over there but I knew that I will. I got in touch with the owner of the blog, Neerav, and it turned out that he too was a friend from Pagalguy. So, it turned out to be rather easy to get the writing job and I was formally invited to write on his blog.

Now the big question was … “What to write” . I know that being a regular blogger it should not be too difficult for me to write on any given topic but what when you do not know what to write about. It was not a day-to-day post. It was a guest post and had to be something very different and at the same time, something that should appeal to the followers of the blog.

Well… As you know I am going through a rather rough patch in my life, I decided to write about it. I decided to write about one of my all time biggest confusions, “Why do I want to do an MBA?” As I started writing, I realised in order to broaden the range of the post, I must address the similar confusions which arise in the mind of a common MBA aspirant. So, the post now became “Why not to do an MBA?” and believe it or not, I was rather feeling jealous of Neerav for his blog would be having that post, and mine won’t(Of course, coz its a guest post !!!)

Anyways, I felt like sharing the post with you and the best way to do it would be to link the post here. Please access the post here-> “WHY NOT TO DO AN MBA?”
I’d love to have your comments. I always look for critics.
Thanks a lot friends. See you soon.