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>A-Z of me


Well I found this tag thing online….and thot of doing it here on my blog…. dunno much about tagging thing though…will try to be honest 😛

A to Z of me

A – Available/Single?

Single 😛 and not Available :p I love it like this…though not alwayz 😐

B – Best friend?


C – Cake or Pie?


D – Drink of choice?

Black coffee

E – Essential item you use every day?

lappy…nd uh… handwash….toothbrush…grrrr.. der are too many

F – Favorite colour?


G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?


H – Hometown?


I – Indulgence?

Poems, cooking, traveling,coffee

J – January or February?

January…its my month of the year

K – Kids & their names?

Miku 😛 thats me… and kid sis 😛

L – Life is incomplete without?


M – Marriage date?

Both 😐 :p (dun forget to put an ‘/’ in between)

N – Number of siblings?

1…. and shez the sweetest sister one can have.. 🙂

O – Oranges or Apples?


P – Phobias/Fears?

Dying like people do in final destination series

Q – Quote for today?

Take a stand or get lost….I do not entertain diplomats-Navneet Kumar

R – Reason to smile?


S – Season?

Rainy, winter

T – Tag 3 People?

Anjuli , Namrata and Chhaya

U – Unknown fact about me?

How would I know??

V – Vegetable you don’t like?

Karela 😐 _|_

W – Worst habit?

😐 None…there are many contenders for the position

X – X-rays you’ve had?

Leg…2 weeks ago

Y – Your favorite food?

Chicken..and of course…Rajma

Z – Zodiac sign?


>My roommate came late night yesterday. Software job has its own rules. You do not get to eat dinner, or if you are too lucky, you get to eat stiff and cold rotis, not to mention sitting alone coz everyone in the home is sleeping. And they ask why I do not regret leaving that job….lol……

Anyways, this friend of mine,Vivek(name changed) came to me and asked if I had any cigarettes. I looked up to him and said, “Abe I do not smoke…I quit.” “What? You are really of no use!!!”, my friend said. I just smiled and then we laughed . It was not uncommon for him to say this for it is not for the first time he has seen me quitting. What he doesn’t know is that this time it is final time he is watching it. There would not be a “next time”.

Two days ago I had SAIL exam. While the centre was quite far from my place, it is easy when you have local trains at your disposal. Believe me, they save a lot of valuable time and are dead cheap too. Ahh..yep.. I was returning after my examination(which didn’t go aas good as I hoped), and I saw three youths(might be 15-16)in the train, smoking and standing dangerously close to the exit area. The train was a fast local and the way they were behaving, I was afraid one of them might fall down. Well, I approached them(something quite unlike me, I do not interfere with strangers) and asked them not to smoke(though I used to smoke, I never liked its smoke. Strange thing na? ). Surprisingly, they immediately threw away the ciggarettes and were staring at me for a long time even when I got back at my place. It was an experience that told me that even I can frighten people. Those youngsters might have given in because of the heavy beard I was sporting untill recently. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it worked.

I wish people will see and read the danger warning on the cigarette packets atleast for once and realise they are holding a tool of death in their hands. It clearly states “Smoking causes cancer” alongside a picture of a pair of cancer affected lungs. Well, the picture did have an affect on me.
Why not you?

>Well…. A funny incident in a long long time.
:p For a change, I welcomed it with open arms even though it caused me some inconvenience.

It was quite a boring sunday with everyone out of the house and me waking early. Did I say everyone?Well Vikash was there for sure. Asleep for ages. Lol. Poor guy has nothing better to do than to catch up with some sleep on these weekends. I wish he’d have put the time in something more productive. lol.

Anyways, I was watching a movie and waiting for the cats nd mouses racing inside my stomach to raise an alarm so that I would be forced to either go out and eat or cook something at home itself(You see, I am lazy myself… ). The movie ended with me in a deep desire(don’t think otherwise…plzzzzz) to have a shower. It was almost 12 nd though I bathed in the morning, it felt hot like sahara desert.(Ok I know I’ve never been there, but I can guess how hot it must be…right???) Suddenly I saw my cell phone, almost abandoned these days and strictly being used for just making calls home or receiving them from the same. Since I haven’t given the new number to many people its silent like never before. Though I miss the ringtone, I think I am at peace with myself in a long long time, though might be in pieces….. Whoa… In pieces, In Peace ….Nice title to start a book with…what say? Okay okay… I aint no Paulo Coelho… I know that. Still would like to write something with that title. I bet I have enough of ammo. to go with on such issues. :p

Ahhhh…I was talking bout something else….Mobile…yess…. Two missed calls…. Silent mode for the mobile is such a blessing in disguise… :p You dont wake your friends with the loud and bang bang ringtone…. And spare yourself another session on how to respect other solace and peace and SLEEP !!! 😡

Two missed calls….Twas a friend whom I have never met nor spoken to. Well, we have known each other for some 1 year and never spoken or met…. lol… Strange na… No issues… I called back and was welcomed with a very sweet voice, which turned out to be my friend… 🙂 She invited me to this poolside party in Juhu, it was some get together of a group of bloggers. I was in the middle of those mind boggling conflicts. I had this movie, Angel and Demons in the evening with my friends. I told her the situation and she said, “I am inviting you to a poolside party and you are worrying about a movie??? ” … “Well she’z right…I should better be going.. It would be a hell of mood change for me….”, I thought. So I called her back after inviting one of my friends over to the party. 5:30…I heard the time… “Well…there is enough time…” ..

I got down to some other business and at about 2:30 pm.. I smsed her to ask again the timing…”5:30, right? “… I got a call in 5 mins…. Then I come to know that the party was already going on and the timing was 12:30 to 5:30.. :p ROFLMAO….that was my first reaction…. I weighed all the options… I could still go alone but that would have been unfair to my friend who has dumped some of his important work for my sake and was still to reach home…. I told my friend that it wont be possible for me to come in that condition…. I was really disappointed…I was looking forward to meet new people….and most importantly…this friend whom I’ve never met…. But I was really laughing…. I called my other friend to tell that he better be getting on with his previous work…Sadly…He had already left…. I cursed myself… And said sorry…Put down the phone…. And told other friends that there is no more party…only to hear a huge roar of happiness from them… I cursed them too…and loudly…Afterall, what are friends for…..Then I got out for a haircut thinking of where I went actually wrong…. Then I got it… I should have confirmed the timing during the 1st conversation… I cursed myself again…lol… Suddenly thought of writing this experience…. Haven’t been online much off late. All kudos to my friend’s lappy which has gone mad… So here I am…writing another post…well…atleast I learnt an important lesson…. “Timing is very important…lol” whatever….

P.S. :- I got my movie ticket cancelled…. I aint not going to watch the movie… Everyone else is… 😦

>Well, yesterday I tried making something different from what I remember of the sandwiches Ma used to make for me when I was a child. I did not exactly remember the recipe, so got some extra things in it and the result was yummy… :p I was happy both at lunch time and evening snacks time on same day after a long long time. I am planning to experiment more. 😉

Thanks Ma. 🙂

>Hungry :(


Well… 1550 hours.

😦 It is very hard for me to be like this…. confused…

Haven’t eaten anything since I woke up at 1100 hours.

I wish I could…..

Feeling down and hungry.

>- Learn how to hack
– Get my book published
– Buy a lappy
– Get a stable hairstyle….from this no hairstyle style
– Learn to cook chicken
– Buy my own flat and cook the above chicken there….all by myself..
– learn to talk to ghosts and animals
– Get to fly ..
– write a lot better
– be a bit more truthful to others…nd to myself..
– learn to forgive
– never learn to forget
– sing summer of 69 on a stage, again.(will do better dis tym)
– learn to swim..
– be crazy one more tym in my life

I know its a long list….but again…i do have that much time…. atleast the last one can be achieved in a few moments…. watevr the hell

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