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How often do you find a person who is an Engineer,Doctor,Journalist,Teacher etc etc etc, and is preparing for MBA? Not quite often? Well, I guess you are a loner, you do not socialize at all then.
Out of 10 people I meet, 7 are preparing for MBA or thinking about it as they “think”(I doubt that) that it would “give a boost” to their careers. Some say they want a better paycheck(Now this I can understand, but still have issues with it), while others say that it is their “Dream”. Still many are out there who simply are not too sure of the reason, but again they “think” it must be good, since everyone is doing it( Like it’s some new form of sex…eh…)

Well, why do we feel the need in first place to get an MBA degree? Is it the money?Or the career boost (or bournvita for that reason) thing? Or is it just a hazy dream(do not confuse with “wet dreams”) ? My question is, is it really what we think it is?

No! It is not that. There has to be more to it. Don’t you want to become someone else because you failed in becoming what you were meant to be, what you were taught to be. You failed to grasp the engineering concepts and today you are at complete loss as to how to direct the workers under you to fix a certain machine which stopped working last weekend. You failed to understand your networks paper properly(spending too much time checking girls out in the class?) and the result is today you can’t fix the issue in creating a secure network at your workplace. Or do you find yourself at the abyss of self confidence when it comes to manage your class, or reporting an accident to your local newspaper office?

So you have decided to run away. Great. You are on your way to become a certified loser. I would not stop you. Why? Simple, you would go on committing such mistakes, giving me apt reason and matter to write on(you see, writing is my hobby…and I sure enjoy it). Also, it would take more than just an advice to make you realise that you have committed a mistake by taking up MBA course at the cost of abandoning your current profession. It will take you a very much coveted MBA job to realise that. The moment when you realise that the MBA job is even tougher than your previous job, you would feel like running away from there also. And I bet you would not have any place to go then. Why? Ask yourself, weren’t it you who abandoned all you had just to get that “dream” fulfilled, to get that “extra money”, to have your share of career”boost”(I prefer complan and bournvita btw) and to get that sense of “I am doing it the right way as everyone is doing it that way…So what if I am getting screwed? Everyone is!!” Well I don’t think you would have same notions about all this MBA things then as you have now.

I am not advocating against MBA or something. I am just saying, do not go for it thinking that it will “change the course of your life”, because it would not. If you think running away from your responsibilities can make you immune to them, or can transform you into something who would learn other things quite effortlessly, then either you are a genius, or you-know-who. Riding up the ladder is not a bad thing, it never is! But jumping from one ladder to another just because yours had a tilted leg puts you in a grave danger. You do not have your ladder which you knew so well, and you will have to balance yourself on a new ladder which will sure take more time and even more effort.

So be sure about this MBA thing before you fill up the forms.. 😛

PS:- All this was written in a hazy state of mind, under the effect of studying hacking, web designing, Quants, EURC , hard rock music and a resolution of being smoke free(and hopefully liquor free) for a lifetime(which is not gonna end anywhere soon, not atleast for next 50-60 years)

Nothing big…just small. Blog has gone some makeover and I hope it is better than ever before. Visibility is good and I find this minimalistic design thing very comfortable to deal with. Though I have made a hell lot of changes in the original, one thing I love in the original was vast space it gives the user, atleast the user knows he has a very big big big page to view.

I hope you will like it. Please drop in suggestions about it. I would love to hear from you people.

RocK ON!!!

I was working about half an hour ago. Learning web designing. Just then I felt like urge of listening to a song by mohit chauhan. Actually my room mates were boozing a few hours ago and they were all searching for this one song and could not find it. I thought of playing it now that all are asleep and no one is here to disturb me. I played the song… “Tumse hi…” I suddenly became motionless. I do not know what effect this song had me at that moment, but I sure did feel like an urge of dancing with her.

It rarely happens to me. I am not someone who would let himself fall apart like this. But in that one moment, I knew I missed her. I knew I felt the urge to hug her, to tell her that I love her, to kiss her. I wanted to see her. A tear might have trickled down. I do not know. I do not want to know. I loved that one moment after a long long time.

I do not want to feel like that ever again. It hurts a lot. 😦

I didn’t smoke or drink today while my friends were at it.

Well, I was an avid fan of IE. I was. Till yesterday. Something happened to IE 8 or blogger’s compatibility with it and a certain gadget(in fact two), Google friend connect, won’t show up. Though I was able to see that I still had 8 followers, the gadget wasn’t getting displayed on the blog.

I was really troubled when another gadget, “My recent posts” misbehaved in the same manner and disappeared. I thought there was some cookie error and simply reset my all IE settings. Now I have used IE 7 a lot but this is IE 8. Somethings are still there to be understood. So after toiling all night, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with my blog, I turned to internet help.

In Google’s help menu I found numerous of troubled bloggers, bugged by the same syndrome as me. The most hilarious part was that some of my friends were able to see the same gadget on my blog(Not sure what was their browser), but I wasn’t able to view even others’ gadget!!!

“What crap!”, I muttered and tried the same thing in Mozilla. Eureka!!! It is working! i was like, after hours of labour and research(during which I restored my system twice and unrestored it once), I was finally able to view my blog as I wanted to.

I am a Mozilla fan now. I do not know if I would go back to IE-8 now, but I am not completely gonna abandon it. Its like first love.

>Well, I have made a button for promoting my blog. Believe me, there is nothing difficult about it. Its very easy. You can promote my blog if you liked it by copying the code just below it and putting it on your blog in an HTML/JavaScript gadget in a sidebar.
Seems finally I am getting into this web designing thing.


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