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>One selfish wish

>May MI wins today!! 😀

And may they win the cup too :sigh:

Just this one wish…

PS:- Getting my Avenger in the evening :p

>Is Flintoff Dead? :O

Naaah..he’s nott.. lol..
Andrew Flintoff isn’t dead at all.. I came through a news online regarding this and was shocked…Wasn’t too late when I cleared the clouds regarding his health :p

But given the way his career is moving …He can be called dead in Cricketing world..Already done with test cricket, injuries have haunted him pretty bad throughout his career and it seems he won’t be available for a long long time for ODIs in England cricket team.

And no..he aint not dead..not yet!!!
Below is a link I could find latest regarding his injuries. I hope He returns back…He has always been one of my favourites.

Flintoff’s death is a lie. FLintoff isn’t dead!!!

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