It has been 3 months. Many a times it happened that I was walking and had an idea. Was driving and saw a beautiful view and a poem born inside my mind. Or was just lying around and tried adding up the feelings inside me to make a clear picture of what’s actually happening. Wanted to write those things. Wanted to write the strong emotions one feels while reading a book or meditating in middle of hot humid day. There are so many things that one thinks of doing, of pursuing, of accomplishing. But there are so many contradictions in our lives that later when we think about those things and remind ourselves that we haven’t done either of those things, it just seems funny because life has still gone on, and not that we really missed those things. Perhaps that’s the ultimate thing to do. To go on without worrying of the undone or repenting about what we have done in our lives. Perhaps nothing is indispensable. But may be I am wrong. But I am not anymore afraid of being wrong. Fall down. Get yourself up. Mark out your faults. Learn from them. Make new mistakes. Learn again. No need to get everything right the first time. You aren’t here to take a degree HOME. You are here to live.
Don’t die before you die.

Blah Blah…. I need to get drunk 😛

Or may be not. This feeling is already intoxicating \m/