“To forgive is vanity, To avenge is show off, To stop caring about either, is true salvation.”

 Don’t ask me… I did NOT sit down to write this. I was expecting myself to write about something that can be of a better use to me when i read these pages someday. Really, it has been ages since I read and remembered how this blog started, why it started. I never actually did care if anyone reads my scribblings. Okay, I did. But not that much as I expected myself to. I am confusing myself now. The whole point of Blogging is to share your thoughts with the online world, right. Or maybe I do not care enough if I get read or not. PR-2, not bad for an occasional writer. Anyways, I wonder when I would ever start writing poems again. May be I need inspiration. Perhaps I should travel, or get interested in something I can think about. May be photography. Wonder when I would save enough to get my SLR. When I started planning, twas a dSLR 3000. Now its 3100. Wonder if ever.

Naah… I will. Even if it comes down to 4900 :p

PS:- Loved Dhobi Ghat. Love you Kiran Rao for making the movie. Aamir, you were mediocre, but so you were supposed to be given the role you had wasn’t much important for the movie. Prateik’s acting was very natural and LOVED SHAI…. well… I should say I almost fell for you :p