>Well well well…. This should be treated as a disclaimer:- I am writing this pos t in an extremely inebriated state of my physicla senses(but not my mind) and perhaps this can stgand as a contender to my purest contender as for my true feeliungas:-

I have my first ever pack of scotch which I personally earned today.
Pics will be uploaded soon, irrespective of your interest in them.
Also, I broke my 8 months dry spell today, with not the best what I had in mind, but still much much better with what I had in mind, so its sort of what I had in my mind…. confusing na :p

I search my heart,for a feeling for you,
I find a loneliness, abandoning even my faith in love,
I wished for the life, I always wanted to live,
I got the irony, in which a atheist(in me) wants to believe,

I wish it could have been the reality, even when I hate the very thought of it,
I want to trust the history, not withstanding the consequences that follow it

………Well..I just dont know what to write next…… help me if u CAN…. I am sorryh for this but I just cant write anything…. 😦