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Touching your soul was best thing I had,
Wasn’t a dream, I wasn’t anymore just a lad,
You were full with joy and fresh like dew,
Wondering how did I ever found you,
Dazzled with your glitter and shine,
It felt as if I was on cloud nine,
Sure was heaven, when you looked at me,
And there was no place that I wanted to be,

Still remember those days, the times we had,
Still makes me happy, and sometimes a little sad,
But don’t you worry, for it will always be there,
The tears, the joy and the time we shared.


>”Never fear the consequences/ fear what will happen. cos what you fear may/will really happen. But life does not stop. “

Just a stolen quote from Namrata 🙂 Might look simple to many, still has a lot to learn from ….


>In the beginning I started writing because I wanted to vent out a lot of things. Perhaps more than I thought there was to drain down. Perhaps not. Then somewhere down the line, it sort of became a responsibility to do so. To deliberately find out something that can be blamed upon. I started looking for people or situations or things to blame to, just for the sake of telling myself that I still have to drain away things. Unaware that I was creating a black hole that can never be satiated. Forgetting the RIGHT way to live. And when I say RIGHT in CAPS, I mean it. I messed up due to something that should have been rather the best thing in my life, atleast till now.

I realized something was wrong with me, or better say, my way of looking at things. That was the reason I stopped writing. Damn! I stopped so many things. Some for good, some for bad. Hope the good ones will continue while I can sort out the bad ones. 1 thing is sure, I know I was looking for the wrong thing in name of love. Its not what is to be asked for or searched for. After all of this suffering I have understood I was wrong and have started afresh again, looking for nothing. Atleast I wont be blaming anyone or anything for it, and most important, no one will get hurt. So now its Navneet Kumar only, no nicks anymore. Its time I let the ghost of my past go away. That’s it. To everyone who thinks I wronged, I am sorry. And yes, I know you’re reading it. I dunno how, but somehow I just know. I don’t love you anymore. And I don’t hate you. Am glad IT happened, and am sorry IT happened. Goodbye.

On other things, Not getting leave for diwali, so most probably will be eating idlis and dosas this diwali, instead of choley, poori,kheer, and the gujiyas… 😦 Everyone will be there, wish I could go. On the other hand, it might just as well as be a blessing in disguise. Might get to visit some friends in Bangy. I have never been there, want to see how the city treats me… :p

Job’s good, money’s good, health’s good, head’s finally going good and most importantly, I do think I can afterall become a good person, the one I always hated. 🙂 Life’s strange.


PS:- Still dont have a topic for this. 😐

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