>This will be my last post on this blog. Although this has not been among the most read ones, I would still like to thank everyone who ever had been here and showed their support. I had a reason to start this blog more than a year ago, and though what I started to achieve is far from being achieved, I have learnt a lot and perhaps sometimes you just move on. It has been very hard for me to move on, from so many things. I think I am thinking too much or writing too way ward, but this is my last post and this is one liberty I would like to gift myself.

This last post marks the end of many things. Many things that I used to think were mine, were destined to be mine. I have learnt it that sometimes we have to just let go and accept the defeat. Perhaps there is some courage in doing that too rather than fighting a long lost battle. I still have dreams, and perhaps one day some will come true, but I am tired now. I do not want to run after them anymore. If “IT” is there, I will get it. Else, no point in hurting myself anymore.
Though I have not accomplished what I wanted to, this blog sure has served its purpose of teaching me something greater than that. And that’s the fact that this is the way life teaches you things.

I am thankful to you people who have at times liked my posts and my poems. I will perhaps continue to write in future, but the unfinished story of my life will have to remain unfinished. Its better that way. I would perhaps hate finishing it now. I know I never really concentrated on it. Perhaps its too late to write about something which happened 10 years ago. Perhaps I should think of something else to write… I know these might seem just like excuses and may be they are just excuses, but still I am done with it. The urge to write that story will die its natural death. Afterall, nothing lasts forever, perhaps not even love.