Let me tell you the story of two people. Friends or foes, you decide.

There was a man who was known for his witty remarks and rustic charm. The other claimed to have the support of the Muslims and Paswans. One had the trust in his M-Y equations, while the other boasted of being able to play the role of king-maker at the centre stage of Indian politics. One had ruled a state for about one-and a half-decade with all the members of his family coming to the party and enjoying their share of the moolah, while the other hogged the limelight due to his hold in the rural and poor population of Bihar.

Yes friends, I am talking about none other than two of of the most popular politicians of Bihar in recent decades, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav and Mr. Ram Bilas Paswan. The ones who have ruled the minds and hearts of lakhs of people once, and seemed almost invincible in their prime. The irony is though, one always goes down after her/his prime.

Though with all the might on their side and all sorts of equations(quadratic, tertiary whatever!!) favouring  them, it is now clearly visible that they have been left with almost nothing but an imaginary role to play.
They thought it was the perfect betrayal, they said it wil make them the king makers, and more than often, also loud mouthed the talks of actually getting the “power”.
A new front was formed and even the “mighty” and “confident-now” congress party seemed to have lost the ground beneath them.

Yes, whatever may be the views of the congress party top notch leaders now, everyone who keeps in touch with news would know how desperate were they back then. So desperate, that they didn’t shy away from approaching the “Miracle Man” of NDA in Bihar, Hon’ble CM Mr. Nitish Kumar!!! The way it all happened, the desperate-ness of the situation and the inability of both parties said it all, they were in deep shit!! Even the CM in question was unsure about going with NDA(remember, this relation between JD-U and BJP spans more than 10 years!!). All he could say was, “We will see”,”Yes we are with NDA ‘as of now’ ” and “who has seen tomorrow?”
Yes friends, I am right because this is one thing I can’t go wrong about. As it turns out, the night this interview of CM with Barkha dutt was the night I lost the most precious gem of my life and my mind would not have let go of anything it caught that day… Anyways, let’s not mix politics with emotions. It is usually sour.

Coming back to our self proclaimed philosophers, termed aptly as fool-osophers by me. Here we had a man who had done an almost impossible task, a miracle during his tenure as railway minister by turning the ever loss making, pathetic symbol of slowness, a PSU in shambles, into one of the most profitable enterprise controlled by the government of India. We had another man who said his motive was to bring the lower portion of the society into the mainstream and give them their share of GDP(Yeah he did say that, Mr. Paswan) One was sought after for the Management lessons not by just the IIMs; the premier institutes for management education in India; but even from Harvard and Yale, the Mecca and Medina of Management education.

Still, the guy somehow manages (or shall we say mismanages??) to screw up his own election campaign. The family people turned against him. Even the old friends deserted him. Management guru, huh!!Do you still think so?

Let’s have an insight of why this fiasco happened in first place.
Our Mr. Ex-railway minister’s wife, another ex-CM who barely knew the spelling of chief minister, or even Bihar, before she became CM, played a very crucial role in his downfall.She called Nitish Kumar “names”(Not very good ones…I think so) and cursed him. Okay, we all do these things, but not in front of microphones and cameras..and live on TV. I believe she was frustrated even beyond the trauma she faced when she had to attend her A,B,C,D classes… :p It was really hilarious to see her on television and blabbering words she doesn’t know the meaning of.
Our superhero perhaps tool a cue from her book an went on to “bulldoze” a guy as insignificant and ignoraant of his actions as Varun Gandhi.
Varun Gandhi? Well, unless you are a staunch supporter of people who kill anyone who is not hindu, you must be thinking I have mistaaken someone for the PM-in making, Rahul Gandhi. Sorry mate, Varun Gandhi was the latest fiasco of BJP(one of many in this election), courtsey Mr. L.K. Advani and Kalyan Singh, not to forget the Hitler-returns-Narendra Modi.

Anyways, our Mr. LP Yadav commits these scandalous-yet, to be ignored-mistaakes and partners with I-am gonna win-No matter I do anything or not-Mr. Paswan and forms a 4th front(I really feel sorry for this country which is forced to have four fronts…normal people have only one.. 😐  )


RJD- 4 seats won against 20 of the last time.

LJP- 0 seat (or is it seats??) against 4 of the last time.

Someone has said, “There is a difference between genius and stupidity. Genius has its limits”

Our friends were limitless.