>Well… Its all a mess… Nothing seems to be moving … life literally sucks…. But am getting amused at this transition in my life… At a point, it used to be happening every moment…now its as static as the frozen ice at the top of a glacier. Still, calm, cold and dead looking; yet waiting for its moment to get in action and to take away everything that comes in its way. Well, I might not be too constructive in this thought, but I know the moment the glacier inside me starts moving, it won’t take it long to gain momentum and flush out this boring-ness and static-ness outta my system.

May be its the silence before the storm.
I want to be silent for a few more days….May be one more month. Then I can start some of the things I have in my mind for quite sometime now. I’d be having my new lappy and enough time with my self….At least by then I’d be back from my visit to home. I sure do not want to shock my parents with the “glacier”… They won’t understand it anyways…lol..