>”Miku!, Kahan ho? Tumhaare dost bula rahein hain…”.These were the words i heard on the fateful morning of 28th May 2001, while i was having my morning bath. Having just returned from tutions( a tiring 4 hour affair from 5-9 in the morning), I literally jumped out of the bathroom and struggled with my clothes and the agarbatti in my hand…..”Its OUT!!! Miku jaldi aao…”,I could hear my friends shouting downstairs.With trembling hands and a very nervous heart, I took my bicycle keys and skipped the breakfast to join my friends. “Arre bhookhey pet kahan jaa raha hai???”, Ma shouted. “Ek din naashta nai karunga to mar nai jaaunga”, I thought to myself.

Vineet,Saurabh,Basant,Amitraj,Nishant,Saurabh and 30-40 other friends were waiting for me. It was confirmed, The results for CBSE Xth class examination 2001 were out. Apparently, someone from Muzzaffarpur has informed this sacred news. Everyone was tense and ecstatic at the same time. 40 bicycles on the narrow lanes of PUSA, seemed like we were going to loot some bank. Everyone was talking about how a guy got 82% and was looking for admission in a good school in Patna/Ranchi/Delhi.

I was puzzled! Why do they need to take admission in some other city? Pusa has all tutions! Nagendra Sir for Physics and Chemistry, Maths we can do our own or can ask some seniors and other people if we faced too much of difficulty. I am not going anywhere!!! I wondered how I would live away from my family, a guy who doesn’t take a glass of water by himself, how would such a dependent guy live alone? “Nah, papa mummy humko kahin nai bhezenge apne se durr!!! ” With this thought and firm belief in myself, I headed for Bank Chowk, the epicentre of almost every happening in Pusa.